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Opportunities to Contribute

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Join A Committee!


Currently we are looking for new members on:

  • Grant Committee

  •  Volunteer & Fundraising Committee

  • Finance Committee

If you are passionate about permaculture, sustainable food systems, and education, please reach out.


Permaculture Workshops

Our permaculture workshops consist of both hands on and online courses that help you connect to our larger network of experienced teachers, events, and projects.  Our programs are intended to create an ongoing experience that you can take anywhere in the world and adjust to any landscape or environment, whether Rural or Urban. 


Wholehearted Leadership Program

This program has been created to support children and youth develop the skill sets to become the self-empowered, compassionate leaders of the future. Our programming integrates hands-on project-based learning with emotional literacy content to assist students in uncovering their natural talents while developing self-awareness, problem solving skills, and trauma-resiliency.


Volunteer Program 

All of our volunteers are deeply appreciated and we invite you to come help us build our programs be a part of our growing community and family.  All volunteers are welcome to come enjoy the land and the fruits of our labor.  


In Person

Come visit our Farmsite at

Rainbow Forest Gardens 

4089 Waverley St.

Winnipeg, MB


Please call first 1-204-998-8769


Your support helps and is deeply appreciated ❤

Over the Phone

Call Us 


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