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Forest/Nature School is founded on three pillars:

Trust, Reciprocal Relationships and Freedom

We believe that regular, repeated access to the natural world provides children and adults alike with outdoor learning opportunities that are both inspirational and challenging. Forest School is a child-led curriculum, where children learn through self-directed play and exploration.  As part of this program, the children will be given the opportunity to develop socially, cognitively, and physically as they gain knowledge of the natural environment through immersive, first-hand experience.

We at SOLA, envision a world where outdoor play in natural environments is the norm, not the exception, in the daily lives of all children. Learning through custom curriculum with freedom, confidence and creativity while being supported by community and the Land.

Child and Nature Alliance of Canada defines Forest/Nature School as "an educational ethos and practice that centers the Land and the child-at-play. Children and educators build a relationship with the Land through regular and repeated access to the same outdoor space over an extended period of time. Educators support learning through a pedagogical framework that is rooted in place and play, directed and inspired by the child (emergent curriculum), and driven by a process of inquiry."


Nature school programs offered by SOLA are facilitated in partnership with the Emotional Literacy​ Movement and the Principles of Permaculture for a deeply holistic educational experience.

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our Educators


Leah Smith

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Forest School Practitioner,

Early Childhood Educator

and founder of

Nature-Ally Learning

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Rachel Starbloom

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Multifaceted Artist &

Arts Educator

Child & Nature Collaborator


Meghan Duffield

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Forest School Practitioner,

Birth Doula/Childbirth Educator & Author


Brandon Stuebing

Biologist, Naturalist Hunter

& Environmental Advocate

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