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Forest School Consulting



Workshops and Training Sessions available on the principles of forest school, child-led learning & risky play assessments. On site at Rainbow Forest Gardens or in your own school yard, these professional development sessions are fully customizable to the needs and desires of your community of educators. 

Whether you’re looking for a fun team-building event or an outdoor skill development opportunity for your staff, we can guide your group through a variety of experiences with goals of leaving you feeling connected to Nature and inspired to bring your program outdoors more often.

Featured Workshop

 Empowerment through Risk

An Interactive Workshop Experience Presentation for ECE’s/ Parents, sharing tips and techniques that reduce stress and increase self- worth through outdoor play.


Interested in learning more about how to use your outdoor classroom?

Wanting to expand your time outside the fence of your play space or just time outside in general?

Looking to overcome the hesitancies and resistance in yourself or your administration so grow your program into a more natural setting?

Our Forest School Specialist can support these inquiries and help create tangible solutions that take you closer to feeling more empowered as a nature loving educator. 


Specialty Program Offering

Forest School Field Trip Guide 

Joining your staff team and the children in your care to your closest patch of natural space. Connecting us to the land and learning about managing risk outside the fence and in Winnipeg's untamed wild spaces.

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Hosted by Rainbow Forest Gardens, we offer Forest and Nature School programming for children of all ages. 

From infants, toddlers and their caregivers to full day sessions for older children, there is something for the whole family to participate in emergent outdoor projects and play based learning. 

For our current program descriptions please check out our events page. 


It takes a village to raise a child. 

We've all heard this but how many of us have such resources of community support as we tend to our children. 

The programs and workshops offered here are aiming to serve as a one of those resources. Connecting parents and their families to their authentic style of raising our kids, immersed in nature and with much less stress. 

Group Sessions or One on One support can be custom created with one or many of the topics listed:

- Helicopter vs. Hummingbird:

  how to give your kids space while staying present

- Forest School Families:

how to support your child's exploration of  the natural world 

- Emergent Curriculum: 

a guide to authentic education and what it means to 'unschool'

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